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Happy Madness Day!

2012-09-22 07:06:12 by Sunshaft

Happy Madness Day Everyone!

There are three madness day audio submissions, and soundtracks for madness movies as well.

1. Soundtrack for madness animation by Delamortes

2. Soundtrack for madness day animation by COFT

3. Soundtrack for madness day animation by Dj-janer


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2012-09-22 07:15:04



2012-09-22 07:29:32

Awesome music!
Happy Madness Day.


2012-09-23 02:43:10

Forgetting something?
(Sorry for HTML)

Sunshaft responds:

lol it takes so much time to animate, and I have only few hours a day, and its not even worth finishing


2012-09-24 01:19:48

damn, i want a main theme too...but not now, let me animate something first
im still up with the movie that i will use your track -last fight- i promise to not dissapoint


2012-09-25 09:47:29 no Madness flash this year? Because i love your work...


2012-09-30 08:27:55

Aww :(
Could you at least upload what you already have?
I mean if that's OK :P


2012-10-11 09:14:26

Oh awesome. You are win 100dolars.. Very Cool..

CZ Write:
Aspon vis pro koho priste zas udelat na MD soundtrack mam vymysleny super projekt ktery nadchne kazdyho. No jinak ted s CrazyDamage delam projekt tak pokud chces muzes udelat proto soundtrack melo by to byt o delce 3 az 4 minut. takova mensi scifi psycharna az na vanoce ted delam rychle pro bratra k narozkam Gigmastr Birthday II. to je teprve psycho kokotinka xD. Jinak super zabodoval jsi prvni misto za luxusni track do RR. Aspon vidim ze moje snaha neco vydat stala za to a ze to nekomu pomohlo ;-).

Hehehe... Translate it.. ;-)

Sunshaft responds:

I dont have skype anymore, so type me via facebook or NG private message


2012-10-27 04:24:56

Any chance, your madness 3D gets finished by next madness day? Coft allready showed us success with his 3D flash :)


2012-10-30 00:11:28

What was the song in Ryder Revenge that was in Winside?


2013-01-06 06:49:06

hey Sunshaft


2013-01-26 15:15:27

eeeh, you are dead ? it now 4 months you not makin a


2013-01-26 15:15:36

new post.


2013-03-09 05:51:47

Shanejaya:: Sunshaft aka Winside... ;-)