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As Gordon Ramsey would say: Finally some good fucking food!

Art was outstanding and tasteful, worthy of 2019, sound design and ambiance was great too, I would really want to full movie have some kind of comprehensive story. So far no actions scenes but ok for trailer. City introduction shot was really nice! In full movie I really expect not just generic boring action sequence like every mediocre madness parody has, but some clever combat ideas, and interesting/meaningful fight choreography.
Btw was this inspired by Dima Fedotov?

love that sword combat scene after he goes second time through portal cool idea with the wall of names too

Ellvis responds:

Thanks Sunshaft.

really fresh and fun to watch interesting story concepts and ideas, animation was pretty good too

thece responds:

holy shit,back from the grave!

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Best game

Now you know, how difficult is to kill all like in madness. great game, with great animation

way to baaaaad

just walking around... but 3/10 for effort

This is the best game ever!!!

Idea is genius, grapics is excelent, and physics is awesome!!!
I enjoyed every second of this game.

I really like level editor, that brings more and more gameplay time!!!

It was really fut to play this game.

and my level (I think it is really good level)

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My favorite too :)

I like this one

This is awesome, I want to remix this song!

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quality stuff

I really like design of legs, and arms.

and lighting rocks. what was your setup? I use vray too, and it can help me.


it is very good, but it looks like clay model a bit. maybe I would variate teeth because all look the same and use regular shadow, not red one.

and that blue specular on boots looks really awesome!

It could 2 hours

it is simple object, when I was modeling jack, it took me hour. what took you so long? it is simple model. still texutre on table could be better, and baterial of plastic too. 5/10 for effort

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