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quality stuff

I really like design of legs, and arms.

and lighting rocks. what was your setup? I use vray too, and it can help me.


it is very good, but it looks like clay model a bit. maybe I would variate teeth because all look the same and use regular shadow, not red one.

and that blue specular on boots looks really awesome!

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It could 2 hours

it is simple object, when I was modeling jack, it took me hour. what took you so long? it is simple model. still texutre on table could be better, and baterial of plastic too. 5/10 for effort

Nice try

It is nice try, but there are a lot of modeling issues. You can see them in reflection of car, it is too much deformed. lights are too black, and some points lost because of missing things, like wheel texture and ets... Sorry, but it is 5/10 because how should I rate improoved version? try to compare to this one, and you will now why 5/10 http://robson.m3rlin.org/cars/wp-content/uploads/2008/02/dodge-viper-srt-2008-1.jpg

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toshema responds:

Thanks, I go back keep retouching the work ^_^ !!! as for the link the car is a different model year then the one I was referencing from. Anyways, thanks for the review I value honesty.

looks kinda cool

but in comparsion with other drawings it is to simply, and easy to draw. thats why only 5/10

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Great use of max!

I am using max something over 2 months, and I know, it is great program. can you animate those models? I hope so.

Not bad

but It needs more work...

do better shadows, because they are way too sharp, and they sucks.

this scene has lot of potencial, keep up, and see my work with blender

what render do you use? I use V-Ray

FlipWillie responds:

*Sigh* Rub it in, will you?

As I mentioned, I lost the max file; so fixing anything now is impossible. I made this more than a year ago. Back then, my primary concern was modeling, and I didn't have much experience in anything else.

I have seen you work, and it is good. ;)

Now, I usually render with Mental Ray. Back then I probably just used the default scanline renderer that comes with max. I have used V-ray before, but I upgraded to 64-bit and haven't managed to get it back.

Thanks for your input.


for start it is good enought.
but that reflection on wood is hitting my eye, because wood is rought. I don t know how it is called in 3ds max but in bledner it is called normal mapping or bump mapping.

I started with 3d in 2008 so my skill is not as good as yours. but I will be good too XD

I like it a lot

awelome model!
Vray did it´s work but still it can be better.
delign of MC robot is epic

with background you will get 10/10

I agree

It is really crap, you should upload only good ones.
I have to give you 3/10 because your other subnitions are 4 times better...

I use 3Ds Max and V-Ray

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