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Entry #109

Happy Madness Day

2016-09-22 14:31:50 by Sunshaft

Enjoy all the cartoons made by awesome madness community


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2016-09-22 18:19:42

You too merry Mad Day buddy. ;)


2016-09-23 20:21:28

What happened to "Madness Voice Actification"? :(

Sunshaft responds:

I have no clue what that is :D


2016-09-24 03:08:44

Thee uhh project where you were looking for voice actors? n_n

(Updated ) Sunshaft responds:

oh, now I get it, it is currently in preproduction, and we will propably start animation next year... Im not sure if project will get completely rewritten or we will use same theme. also I want to convince Djjaner, Kelzad, Gabriel and possibly others to switch to Maya instead of flash. Flash is way too limited.

Wonderwoman project is currently killing me so there is now way I can work on it now


2016-09-24 15:59:07

Heh maya, is it gonna be some kinda 3D thing?

Sunshaft responds:

it will look same 2d, just tools are going to be better, and proper motion blur


2016-09-24 17:46:39

No shit... :o ........ you should show a video of you making a test in maya; so i can see how it looks :D

Sunshaft responds: this is older project making of


2016-11-05 13:57:42

kámo cg 567 fans