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Happy Madness Day

2016-09-22 14:31:50 by Sunshaft

Enjoy all the cartoons made by awesome madness community

Guess who animated this!

2016-07-01 18:18:11 by Sunshaft

I animated only blood effects, guess who animated characters :D

Blood Test

I hope you like it, it has been ages since I animated in flash...

I am happy to announce that my madness project is getting worked on again, luckly some of greatest madness animators are willing to collaborate with me and bring it back to life! :)   

Currently story needs to be rewritten, as well as new concept art has to be made.

VOICE ACTORS will be needed, so if you are one or know about one, pls shoot me a PM :)



Thank you Newgrounds :)

2016-03-13 17:06:51 by Sunshaft

It has been 10 years since I started doing animation.

Madness themed movies were getting really popular at that time and it really motivated me to start working on my own videos.

this is the very first video I have actually released, called Madness Masaker   

It was nothing more than fun and I had no idea what just had started.

During those 10 years, newgrounds got me into music, which became huge part of my life too.

Especially when I won place on Madness Day AUDIO contest  with Ryder Revenge theme composed for my best friend from Madness community Dj-janer. (who got it really far with his animations)

In year 2009 I discovered something trouly special for me, something that changed my life.   

It was BLENDER, 3d modeling/animation software.

One fo first images I released was this dark grungy room I eventually started using 3ds max and vray and it went really well.

It went so well that I started to think I could apply far a job at 3d modeling as soon as I graduate.

During my finals at University of Economics in Bratislava I started working on my personal portfolio.

I also applied for several job offers, which turned well for me, and I was accepted for all fo them!  Best offer was from UPP - company that does VFX for films like The WALK or Gods of Egypt.   

This is my showreel, I was hired before I could finish it.

At this point I though my days of madness animation are over, however animation kept dreaming within me for those years.  

Almost exactly after 10 years since my first flash animation, I had to do an animation test just to check if I can animate.  It resulted into shifting me in animation/rigging division.

Animation test, it took exactly 127 hours to make from start to finish, look how I created it

Today, Im animating in films casting actors like Jessica Chastain (played in Interstellar and The Martian)

and even greated projects are comming.

I am really happy site like this was here, I always could share cool stuff I made. 

I want to thank everyone who supported me and kept following my on my way.

I am glad you like my stuff I made so far, and even more art in all forms is coming...





This is my character I did after month of learning Maya:

This is animation I made after I finished rigging model:  


Happy madness day!

2015-09-22 13:57:41 by Sunshaft

I wish happy madness day to everone especially those who made madness cartoons for this year :)


Check out my best madness day animation so far

Feel free to check out my new 3d art

2015-08-23 06:18:41 by Sunshaft

It really pleases me to see so good rating on my recent art, I will always be working on more.


Merry Christmas!    I hope you all had great year so far :)


I decided to give you my new song for free as a  Christmas gift


Ferrari 3d model

2014-10-26 16:43:50 by Sunshaft

I spent one week modeling this so far, I plan to model also interior.  I will need so much patience with this project




Happy Madness Day! (and maybe 3D Madness movie today?)

2014-09-22 10:25:30 by Sunshaft

Watch my madness day submission!

Happy madness day everyone!  It has been over 10 years since I saw madness movie for first time. Since then I knew I want to do animations like that, but I didnt knew, that I will as good as I am, I am really grateful for 1th place in madness audio contest and 4th place in aimation contest.  

This time, I won't be after winning the contest, I will just show some of my unfinished work, so you guys can at least see what I did so far.  

Unfortunately I dont have enough time to animate flash anymore, and I have to move along,   so I decided to do 3d graphics (modeling) and music. 


Screenshot of my latest project. it was too large, difficult and beyond capabilites of student that animate in his spare time.  (I will release what has left this madness day, so you have something to look forward :D )